Passing Moments
Posted here for June 19, 2023.
The road back home
The road back home

Passing Moments
. . .Fred Gielow

Ev'ry start must have a finish.
. . .What begins must have an end.
It's a simple notion, really,
. . .One we all can comprehend.

Ev'ry play -- a final curtain.
. . .Ev'ry book -- a final page.
Ev're player has an entrance
. . .And an exit on the stage.

Ev'ry storm will end with sunshine.
. . .Ev'ry war will end in peace.
Ev'ry noise will end in silence.
. . .Ev'ry pain will one day cease.

Ev'ry star up in the heavens,
. . .One by one, will lose its glow.
Earthly things, it's also certain;
. . .They will come and they will go.

It's a cycle never ending,
. . .Neither good nor bad it be.
Just a simple fact of nature:
. . .It is life's reality.

Moments good will not be lasting.
. . .Moments bad will not endure.
Only change can we depend on.
. . .Only change can we ensure.

Seek the beauty, seek the goodness,
. . .Seek the laughter, and delight.
Seek the joy and loving kindness.
. . .Seek them all -- that is your right.

Let us celebrate great moments,
. . .In the present, in the past,
For it's known and it is certain
. . .That each blessing will not last.

Passing Moments II
. . .Fred Gielow

I watch the seconds on my clock.
. . .They slowly slip away.
And then the minutes, then the hours.
. . .Finally, a day.

The time is gone, forever gone,
. . .Lost to eternity,
Those seconds, minutes, hours, that
. . .So gently glide past me.

And it is sad and dreary
. . .If I choose to look that way.
And view that time as missing, lost,
. . .Just moments gone astray.

I must not mourn those seconds gone,
. . .Nor pay them any heed.
That time has served its purpose.
. . .It has filled a vital need.

But now, the vital seconds are
. . .Those seconds yet to come.
For moments in the future,
. . .We should sing and beat a drum.

The mysteries that lie ahead,
. . .The intrigue and unknown,
The grand surprises that await,
. . .That so soon shall be shown.

All life is one unrav'ling scroll,
. . .Its twists and turns obscured,
Until that moment they're revealed,
. . .And history's secured.

So, let the seconds scurry by
. . .And let them fade away.
But live them to the fullest,
. . .'Til your final, dying day.