The Day America Died
Fred Gielow. Posted here for February 1, 2021.

The road back home
The road back home

The assassination didn't happen at a single moment on a specific day. No. It transpired over a period of decades, many decades actually. But, the culmination of the assassination took place November 3, 2020, election day. That's the day a presidential election was stolen by leftists. They had plotted and schemed for more than four years to steal away what they knew was otherwise going to be the overwhelming re-election of Donald J. Trump.

They sent out hundreds of lawyers to key states to soften election laws, to make tampering with the vote easier, to make oversight of the vote count more difficult. In state legislatures where Democrats were in control, they passed laws extending the time when voters could vote, and laws mandating mass distribution of ballots. In states legislatures where Democrats were not in control, they got friendly judges and state voting agencies to violate state law to fatally weaken voting procedures and safeguards. And they guaranteed that vote count totals would not be completed until there was sufficient time -- several days to a week or more -- to tweak voting machines and pump up the number of paper ballots to assure a Biden "win."

Then following November 3rd, they set about, with the invaluable help of the media, to belittle and shame and scoff at anyone who raised concern over all the election fraud they had just perpetrated. They said any such concern was un-American, it violated the democratic process, it interfered with the peaceful transfer of power. It was the result of trouble-makers. It was just noise and rabble-rousing from sore losers.

Then, if you voiced any concern at all, you were described as being part of the dangerous, delirious right wing. Your voice must be silenced. You must lose your job. You must be run out of congress. You must be denied your position on the school faculty or as chairman of a board, or owner of a business. The idea you had something called freedom of speech must be extinguished. Freedom of speech can not be allowed!

Pay no attention to the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of citizens who, under penalty of perjury, documented case after case after case of vote fraud. Pay no attention to the fact that as vote tallies came in, there were instances when the number of votes for Donald Trump went down from one moment to the next. (How could that possibly be? Of course, Biden's always went up.) Pay no attention to the truckload of ballots that were shipped from New York to Pennsylvania. Pay no attention to the trunk-loads of ballots that were pulled out of hiding and counted after the media and count watchers were sent home. Pay no attention to un-Constitutional procedures and practices that were pressed into play. Pay no attention to the data. Pay no attention to the facts. ("Yes, It Was a Stolen Election.")

The evidence is there in ample abundance, but the Left, assisted by the mainstream media and social media, won't allow you to see it. And if you happen to be one of those who actually does see it, the Left won't allow you to believe it.

In October, 2020, it occurred to me that we've entered a new era. The rules of the past -- free speech, law and order, equal justice, American values -- have been discarded. In their place now is a new set of rules -- woke rules -- and they will be enforced. Vigorously! I wrote a song about all this. It's titled "Those Are the Rules." Here are the lyrics:
You gotta think the "right way,"
You gotta watch what you say,
'Cause that's the game you must play.
Those are the rules.

You gotta see like you're blind,
You gotta turn off your mind,
You gotta be quite resigned.
Those are the rules.

You gotta let them hold sway,
Whatever price you must pay,
You gotta yield, come what may.
It's required.

You gotta worship their word,
You must believe the absurd,
Or you'll be fired.
(You will be fired!)
A he can be a she.
Your speech must not be free.
Their wish becomes a fait accompli.
And you must not disagree.
Compliance you gotta show,
You gotta go with the flow,
And play along, don't you know.
Those are the rules.

And honor you must betray,
You must be woke every day,
'Cause that's the game you must play.
Those are the rules.

You gotta give up all hope.
And try your darndest to cope.
While on a steep downward slope.
Those are the rules.

So let them dish out disdain.
You must not ever complain.
You must endure all the pain.
Those are the rules.
The facts they will defy.
The truth they will deny.
On blatant lie they will all rely,
And you must not ask them why.
You gotta follow their laws,
And carefully read every clause,
And overlook all the flaws.
Those are the rules.

You gotta vote the right way,
You must obey and not stray,
'Cause that's the game you must play.
Those are the rules.

'Cause that's the game you must play.
Those are the rules.
Oh yes, now it's imperative: You've gotta think the "right way," and watch the words that you say.

We have been witness to the overthrow of our democratic republic. The game we must now play is to be a witness to the consequences of that takeover. Those who offer criticism of or objection to the new regime will be silenced. More and more, those on the right will be removed from social media. They will be denied jobs. They will be ostracized and shunned and attacked. Those are the rules. And they will be stringently enforced.

The Supreme Court will be packed. Gun rights will be taken away. DC will become a state with two Democrat Senators. Puerto Rico will likely follow. Some 22 to 25 million illegal immigrants will be transformed into voting citizens, and three-quarters or so of them will vote Democrat. You will tow the liberal line, or you will be crushed. The United States will be a socialist state. Conservatives will no longer have any say in political matters.

Some leftists want to "de-program" Republicans (reference), some want to strip First Amendment rights from Christians (reference), some want to "re-educate" Republicans (reference), some want a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" to punish Republicans (reference), some want to make lists of Trump supporters to assure they'll be properly penalized (reference). It seems there is now a distinct attitude of "we won, let's vanquish those who lost."

I believe America is no longer a country, as Lincoln described it at Gettysburg, "of the people, by the people, and for the people." Instead, it has been transformed (remember Barack Obama's words of October 30, 2008: "We are five days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."). And now the good old USA has become a country of the government, by the government, and for the government.

And that, of course, is . . . socialism.