The Plan
Fred Gielow. Posted here for January 18, 2021.

The road back home
The road back home

The Scene:
Thirteen Democrats are seated around a conference table in a room on the seventh floor of a federal building in Washington, DC.
The Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 2016 (the day after the election).
The Time:
9:36 p.m.

The Democrat at the end of the table speaks: "Alright, everyone, we're about to begin, but before we do, I must ask each of you to place your cell phone or personal electronic device on the table in front of you. And make certain it's turned off! We must not have any record of this meeting. If anyone asks, this meeting never took place. Does everyone understand?"

The attendees nod in agreement and do as requested.

"Okay, let's begin. Unfortunately, George is unable to be with us, but he continues his support of our effort and he continues to fund it, very generously, I might add. Now, the results of the election were disastrous. We didn't think it would be necessary to assemble this team together, but now it's absolutely imperative. We must never again lose a presidential election. Never!

"Fortunately, we have a plan to prevent this from ever happening again. And, as a matter of fact, we've been working on this plan for some months now. Hillary's strategy with the dossier was brilliant. She not only diverted attention away from her own illegal email activities, she also gave us a means to obtain FISA permits to spy on the entire Trump campaign. And we can ultimately use the dossier to impeach Trump, if that ever becomes necessary.

"But that will take time. We have to let the media stir up hatred of Trump. I'm told the people at CNN are particularly ready and eager. We have to let our own people grow the hatred until it has everybody in the country ready to string him up. Hollywood has also assured us many of the personalities there will be attacking him mercilessly. And Silicon Valley has indicated the tech companies can even silence Trump if need be. Not take him out, just keep him from communicating with his supporters. Wouldn't that be delicious! Obviously, the unions and many national and international companies will be assisting us as well.

"As you know, we've used the government to attack Trump, and these attacks have been quite successful, but they've led us over the line from a Constitution standpoint, so we now have no choice. We must get Trump out of office before he's able to hold us accountable. And the sooner the better.

"Now, of course our hope is that we can get a special council to get Trump out the door. Or maybe we can harass him enough so he'll simply resign. The harassment will be intense. But, if all these efforts fail, we'll get him in 2020, at the November election.

"Here's what we're doing. We've instructed our Antifa and Black Lives Matter allies to riot all during 2020 -- we'll find some excuse to do this -- so people will feel like the country is coming apart. They'll feel afraid. They'll feel unsafe. And they'll blame Trump, so they won't vote for him.

"But it really won't matter how they vote. We're going to take over the election. We'll have hundreds of attorneys petition and sue the key, battleground states. You know, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and maybe a couple of others. Where there are friendly Democrat legislatures, we'll get them to open up the voting -- more early voting, mass distribution of ballots, delayed counting periods, that sort of thing. We need delayed counting periods so we can determine how many additional votes we'll need to pump up the Democrat totals.

"In addition, we'll be working with Smartmatic, the company that produced voting machines that threw the Venezuela election to Chavez. We'll have these machines in a bunch of states. We'll convert Republican votes to Democrat votes, we'll delete Republican votes and boost Democrat votes so we are guaranteed to win. And I think we'll be able to get Dominion Voting Systems to do the same for us."

A Democrat at the far end of the table interrupts. "Sounds awfully risky to me. Do you actually think we can get away with this? Isn't this sort of action bordering on treason?"

"We've war-gamed this out. We have computer models. And of course, we've done it before, and gotten away with it. Yes, of course, there will be those who object, but we'll call them sore losers. Our media people will ridicule and belittle them. We'll get the social media platforms to delete their comments and maybe even ban them from their platforms. Most of the country won't even know we gamed the system. We'll manufacture the results we want and the country will nod in agreement. We have the power and influence to do that. We'll charge that those who challenge our victories are violating the rights of the voters, they're interfering with democracy, they're hurting the country. We'll turn them inside out. I bet we'll even get some dumb Republicans to go along with us. There are a lot of Republican never-Trumpers out there, and we'll highlight them, praise them, and encourage them.

"'The Plan' will not fail. It must not fail. Our lock on power, our strategy for the future, our transformation of America are at stake. This is do or die. This is everything. We will succeed. We will defeat the Republicans. We will obliterate them. We will dominate!

"And speaking of the future, here's how we will retain power from this point forward. In 2020, we will put in place a candidate for president who is weak and malleable. But one who who doesn't frighten the people. He'll be a figurehead. We'll control him and he'll do our bidding. The media and the social media platforms will praise him, and they'll withhold any information about him that isn't complimentary. The public will think everything is going swimmingly. They'll be fed nothing but encouraging news and optimism.

"Then, when the figurehead takes office, the first thing we'll do is get rid of cloture. That pesky filibuster rule, Rule 22, has been a thorn in our side ever since it was adopted in 1917. We'll dump it, and since we'll have the House and Senate in our pocket, we'll be able to pass anything we want. We'll pack the Supreme Court and it will do our bidding. We'll make DC and Puerto Rico states, giving us four more Democrat Senate seats, so that body will willingly do our bidding. We'll have national election laws passed to make it easy to fudge any election we wish, state or national, maybe even local. But the biggie: we'll give citizenship to the 23 million illegals who are here. They'll vote about three-quarters Democrat, and that will keep us in power for generations. Basically, forever.

"As you know, I've been working with a small dedicated group of people up to now. But what we're planning is more than we can manage, and that's where you come in. So tonight, we need to assign some coordinating responsibilities. We need to get each of you involved to be a contact point for 'The Plan.' Here are the twelve contact point positions we need: Contact to coordinate activities in the House and Senate, contact for the mainstream media, contact for social media, contact for BLM and Antifa, contact for Hollywood and entertainment, contact for the business community, contact for the education industry, contact for states and cities, contact for the Supreme Court and other courts around the country, contact with the unions, contact for the military, and a contact for any other miscellaneous activities that come up. "I'll be working with each of you and coordinating with the central committee.

"So we can conclude this informational portion of our meeting. Next, I'll get with each of you individually to discuss your contact assignment and responsibilities. Thank you, one and all. Donald Trump will be gone soon. Then in 2021, we'll be in power, and the transformation will be on its way to completion. Good night, everyone."

Obviously, this is fiction. Or is it?