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Photo of the Week

Photo of the week.

Wall Street, New York City, 1911.

Photo received in an email dated September 1, 2015. Thanks, Jim.

Remember 9/11

America: Land of the free because of the brave.

Results from the 2012 presidential election have convinced me that a majority of American voters has decided, knowingly or otherwise, to let our beautiful country slip silently into socialism. This grieves me more than I can express. To see the government centralize power at the expense of individual freedom, to see it attack the wealthy and successful, to see it disrespect the U.S. Constitution, to see it fundamentally transform America before my very eyes make my heart break.

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Dot Alex in Wonderland

Dot Al Gore's Big Announcement

Dot Banned Words

Dot The Beehive

Dot Can You Imagine?

Dot Hillary, Was That You?

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Picture this . . . . Say What?
Picture This . . . . . . .Say What?


Benghazi linksBenghazi

. Dot "13 Hours Confirms Obama's and Hillary Clinton's Lies about Benghazi."

Global warming/cooling and environmentalism linksGlobal Warming/Cooling and Environmentalism

. Dot "Time Runs Out on Al Gore's Global-Warming Armageddon."
. Dot "California Joins the Effort to Persecute, Suppress Scientific Dissent on Climate Change." Judges can now rule on science. What a miscarriage of justice.
. Dot "BOOK REVIEW: 'Why Scientists Disagree about Global Warming'."

Government run amuk links Government Run Amuk

. Dot "NYC Set to Ban 'Peeing on Sidewalk Law'. . . Because It's Racist?" Gee, we could reduce the number of blacks arrested if we only arrested whites. Probably a lot of liberals would go along with that.
. Dot "U.K. Welfare Changes to Benefit Muslims with Many Wives."
. Dot "NYPD to Purge Anti-Terrorism Material Offensive to Muslims." Oh yes, let's make sure Muslims aren't offended -- even at the expense of safety.
. Dot "Feds Push to Remove Any Mention of 'He' and 'She'."
. Dot "Kids, 13-18, Told to Pick Gender from 2 Dozen Options." The world is in a heap of trouble.
. Dot "Denmark May Fine Girl for Pepper Spraying Rapist." We certainly don't want citizens able to defend themselves, do we?
. Dot "German Police: We're Not Allowed to Arrest Molesters." Political correctness continues to damage society.
. Dot "Oakland's Minimum Wage Is Up, Wal-Mart Is Out." What do we call it when the government sets a minimum wage? That would be socialism. Capitalism means the market sets all wages.
. Dot "School Slams Student for Not Professing Islam." How come our schools are acting so irresponsibly?
. Dot "EPA Metastasizing into National Zoning Board."
. Dot "St. Paul School Pulls Plug on Celebrating 'Dominant Holidays'." Remove the elements of a culture and the culture dissolves into nothingness.
. Dot "DC Bill Would Pay People Stipends Not to Commit Crimes." Hard to believe.
. Dot "Research & Commentary: Oregon Cap-and-Trade Proposals and Renewable Power Mandates." More government, less freedom.
. Dot "Super 'Toilet' Bowl: City Scorched for Open-Air 'Pee' Wall." Who would think this was a good idea? And with no flush, imagine the stench that will build up. Oh that's right, it's liberal San Francisco.
. Dot "The US Debt Just Exceeded $19 Trillion. Here's How We Got Here."

Hillary linksHillary

. Dot "Choke: Hillary Suffers Massive Coughing Fit." I wonder when her health issues will get the public attention they deserve.
. Dot "Hillary Clinton Faces Legal and Political Obstacles in Presidential Bid."
. Dot "Tom DeLay Reveals Info on Clinton Email Investigation That He's Received from 'Friends' in FBI."
. Dot "What Got the Biggest Round of Applause in Iowa -- At Both Rallies?"
. Dot "Clinton Open to Idea of Appointing Obama to Supreme Court." Oh, wouldn't that be just dandy: another 30 years of Barack Obama!
. Dot "Hillary Clinton Should Be in Prison, Here's Why."
. Dot "The Clinton Foundation as a Money-Laundering Scheme."
. Dot "Hillary's Medication Could Explain Health Scares."
. Dot "MSNBC Host Says 'All of Our Sources High-Up' Are Saying the 'Same Thing' about FBI's Hillary Clinton Email Investigation."
. Dot "HillaryCare Terminates in Sanders' Single-Payer Socialism."
. Dot "Issa: FBI Wants Hillary, Huma Prosecuted in 'Slam Dunk' Case."
. Dot "Obama Nukes Hillary, Admits Server Contained Top U.S. Secrets."
. Dot "Hillary Project on Track 'to Take Her Out'."
. Dot "Doctor Warns Hillary: Your Meds Could Kill You."
. Dot "Hillary Caught in Email Lie on Campaign Trail." Just one of many. MANY!
. Dot "Ed Klein: Hillary's Feeling the Bern -- from FBI Director James Comey."
. Dot "Memos Show Hillary 'Guilty of Criminal Fraud' in Whitewater." Absolutely amazing corruption. But most Hillary supporters don't care.
. Dot "Clinton Corruption Leads to Russian Aggression." Hillary is a disgrace!
. Dot "Doctor: Hillary's Mix of Old-Fashioned Meds Poses Risk."

Just-for-fun linksJust-for-Fun

. Dot "'5 Random Earth Facts That Will Blow Your Mind'."
. Dot "Over the Rainbow." Close harmony -- quartet.
. Dot "When I See an Elephant Fly." Quartet.
. Dot "On Site with Lueb Popoff." Tree stump to sculpture.
. Dot "School Bus in Mongolia." How many kids??
. Dot "Art Donovan on The Tonight Show."
. Dot "20 Brilliant Photographs Which Hugely Impressed Us in 2015." I think you'll like these.
. Dot "Children and Animals Cuddle in Cute Photoshoots by Russian Photographer Elena Karneeva." Beautiful photos.
. Dot "A History Lesson."
. Dot "Spectacular Fly Geysers in Gerlach, Washoe County, Nevada."
. Dot "3-D Drawings." Quite a talent.
. Dot "12 Obsolete Technologies Americans Still Use."
. Dot "Cousin Sal Pranks Aunt Chippy at Ceramics Class." Very funny.

Must-read (or Watch) linksMust-Read (or Must-View or Must-Listen)

. Dot "Exclusive: Former Pearson Exec Reveals Anti-American Agenda in Common Core." The anti-American push gets stronger.
. Dot "Government Seeks 'Authority to Determine What Is Sin'."
. Dot "Criticize Muslim Rapes? 'You're a Bigot'."

. Dot "Animal Rights and You: Using Americans Love for Animals to Steal your Rights." I bet you didn't know much of what's in this article. I think you'll be shocked.
. Dot "Answer: Who Really Is Guilty of Hijacking Islam?"
. Dot "American Hero: Obama's Military a 'Girly Man Outfit'."
. Dot "Film Will Make Viewers Jury in 'Hillary Trial'."
. Dot "Hostages, Hostages, and Other Deals."
. Dot "Liberals Continue to Distort the Truth about Abortion."
. Dot "Another View -- Michael Reagan: Trump Is No Reagan Republican."
. Dot "Hillary's Criminal Mind."
. Dot "By The Numbers -- The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics."
. Dot "Student Punished for Refusing to Recite Islamic Profession of Faith." And this was here in the USA!
. Dot "SEIU, Top Dem Team Up to Turn 5 Million Latino Immigrants into Voters." And Republican will never win another election.
. Dot "The True Definition of 'Rights'." I bet most politicians don't know this. And that's the problem! This is a very important article.
. Dot "5 Facts Illegal-Immigration Zealots Won't Admit."
. Dot "Time to Leave 'No Child' Behind." So depressing!
. Dot "Finally, America May Be Catching On to Ethanol Racket."
. Dot "Expert: North Korea Prepping EMP Attack on U.S."
. Dot "Blackmail: Iran Now Says It TOOK THESE from Captured American Sailors."
. Dot "Citi Strategist Warns of 'Oilmageddon'." Gee, that's not the picture Obama is painting. Whom do you believe?
. Dot "America's Economic Freedom Has Rapidly Declined under Obama." Do you think this is by design?
. Dot "In Under 90 Seconds, Sen. Ben Sasse Defines Conservatism." Outstanding! In a single word: freedom.
. Dot "Obama's Mosque Speech Was a Dangerous Fantasy." Very good point!
. Dot "DHS Official: I Was Ordered to Purge Records of Islamic Terror Ties." Protecting Obama's agenda is more important than protecting the American people.

Obama linksObama

. Dot "Bomb Expert Linked to Bin Laden Freed by Obama." If Obama wanted to seriously harm the U.S., what would he be doing differently?
. Dot "Obama Liquidates American Workers."
. Dot "Obama to Visit U.S. Mosque Tied to Extremism."
. Dot "Obama's Job-Killing Diversity Police." So how long will it be before the government tells you what your employee mix must be?
. Dot "Astronomical Spending for Obama Holidays."
. Dot "Media Icons: Why 'Christian' Obama So Captivated by Muslims?"
. Dot "Border Security in Shambles under Obama."
. Dot "Obamacare Paperwork: A Multi-Billion-Dollar Cost Americans Can't Afford."
. Dot "Bombshell: Obama Cutting Border Surveillance in Half." And he has eleven more months to unleash his disdain for America.
. Dot "Americans Are 'Being Betrayed by Their Own President'." Yes, for the last seven years.

Other linksOther

. Dot "Whoopi Goldberg: 'Maybe It's Time for Me' to Leave the U.S." I second the motion.
. Dot "Liberal Actress Wants to Give Media List of 'Words You Can't Use When Describing a Female Candidate' -- Here Are a Few." And just where would we bury the First Amendment?
. Dot "Democrat Facing Murder Charges Sworn in Behind Bars." And the lesson is: vote wisely, for if you're not careful, you may put a criminal into office.
. Dot "Jump This! Olympics to Let Men Compete as Women." Yes, the world has gone mad.
. Dot "Who's Ed Mezvinsky?"
. Dot "Seagoing Coincidence?"
. Dot "Comedian Goes Undercover to Test Out the 'Gun Show Loophole' -- Watch How Gun Sellers React to Requests."
. Dot "Half of Uninsured Americans Will Be Very Surprised by Obamacare Fine."
. Dot "Migrant Mess: Scared Germans Want Guns, Allowed Signal Pistols."
. Dot "5 Lies Many Movies Are Teaching Young Women."
. Dot "America Is Falling Apart and It's Your Fault."
. Dot "9 Levels of Control Before the New World Order."
. Dot "Undercover Video Exposes Common Core." I bet you thought "dumbing down" was just a joke.
. Dot "CNN Stages Town Hall to Boost Clinton Candidacy."
. Dot "Ted Cruz: If Christians Vote, Race 'Would Be Over'."
. Dot "Establishment Pundit Has No Hope."
. Dot "Iran Continues Mocking and Humiliating American Leaders."
. Dot "New Video Alleges Planned Parenthood Used 'Accounting Gimmicks’' to Hide Profit from Sale of Fetuses."
. Dot "Dems Push for Potty Equality." Why can't Democrats leave us alone?
. Dot "Jimmy Carter Chooses Trump; Cruz Will Pay to Air the Endorsement." Really bad news for The Donald.
. Dot "Illegal Immigrant Sworn in as Lawyer in New York." How would you like to have an illegal lawyer represent you?
. Dot "ISIS Slipping into Germany Disguised as Refugees." Is anyone surprised? Anyone?
. Dot "German Feminist Welcomes Refugees: 'Better Rapists Than Racists'." And her wish will be granted.
. Dot "Did Hillary Really Win Iowa?" You mean voter fraud? Democrats cooking the voter books? So, what's new?

Religion linksReligion

. Dot "Islamic Rage Erupts over Christian March." And the drive toward a caliphate continues.
. Dot "Amnesty International: Iran World's Leading Executioner of Children."
. Dot "Why Are Muslims Flocking to Land of 'Infidels'?"
. Dot "Boko Haram Burns Children Alive in Nigeria, 86 Dead, Officials Say." Keep telling yourself: Islam is a religion of peace.
. Dot "Lawsuit Filed against Maryland HS for Islamic Indoctrination." But not a word about Christianity is allowed.
. Dot "Islamic State of Iraq and Levant -- Every Day -- April 2013 to January 2016." But Obama says not to worry.
. Dot "European Union Blasts ISIS for 'Crime of All Crimes'."
. Dot "Tempers Flare over Loud Islamic Prayers in 'Muslimville, USA'." How long will it be before you will have to tolerate the racket?
. Dot "Church Offers 'Transgender Baptisms' for Preferred Sex." And is proving more and more to be at odds with its members.
. Dot "California Strong-Arms Churches to Pay for Abortions."

These are articles I think are of particular importance.
(I'll leave them posted here indefinitely.)

Special linksSpecial

. Dot "Rockefeller's Treachery."
. Dot "Hillary Clinton Exposed." -- Citizens United movie. Not new information, but this old information is damning enough without all the scandals of the last few years.
. Dot " The Clintons' Greatest Shame: Chelsea Clinton Is the Biological Daughter of Webb Hubbell and Not Bill Clinton." Imagine the effect this must have on Chelsea, poor kid.
. Dot "Gay Marriage Still Doesn't Exist, No Matter What the Supreme Court Says."

. Dot "Hillary, Was That You?
. Dot "Immigration, World Poverty, and Gumballs -- Updated 2010." I think you'll find this eye-opening.
. Dot "Our Kids Don't Need Gun Control Laws, They Need Fathers."
. Dot "Barack Obama Is Not Seeking 'Legacy'."
. Dot "Who Is John Galt?"
. Dot "The Most Shocking Islamic 'Refugee' Video That You Will Ever See . . . Way Worse Than . . . ." This will make you weep . . . when you realize America is just a step or two behind.
. Dot "Belgistan? Sharia Showdown Looms in Brussels."

Person with Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

"Islam has always been part of America." [Yes, a very destructive part.]
-- Barack Obama.
Quote of the Week -- more.
Say What? Page.

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Miscellaneous Image

This week's Miscellaneous Item. . . .
Pre-Taliban days in Afghanistan when women enjoyed professional careers, university education, etc. By the mid-90s, the Taliban outlawed employment and education of women over the age of 8.

Received in an email dated January 27, 2015. Thanks, Will.

Perhaps of interest

Perhaps of Interest

By Illegal Immigrants

I cross river, poor and broke,
Take bus, see employment folk.
Nice man treat me good in there,
Say I need go see Welfare.

Welfare say, 'You come no more.
We send cash right to your door.'
Welfare checks, they make you wealthy,
Medicaid, it keep you healthy!

By and by, got plenty money,
Thanks to you, TAXPAYER dummy.
Write to friends in motherland,
Tell them, 'Come, fast as you can!'

They come in buses, Chevy trucks.
I buy big house with welfare bucks.
They come here. We live together,
More welfare checks, it gets much better!

Fourteen families, they moving in,
But neighbor's patience wearing thin.
Finally, white guy moves away.
I buy his house, and then I say,

'Find more aliens for house to rent.'
In my yard I put up tent.
Send for family. They just trash.
But they, too, draw welfare cash!

Everything is very good,
Soon we own whole neighborhood.
We have hobby, call it breeding,
Welfare pay for baby feeding.

Kids need dentist? Wife need pills?
We get free! We got no bills!
TAXPAYER crazy! He pay all year,
To keep up welfare running here.

We think America darn good place!
Too darn good for white man race.
If they no like us, they can go.
Got lots of room in Mexico.

Received in an email dated January 27, 2016. Thanks, Bruce.

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An Accident

It was the day before the big presidential election primary, and hordes of candidates from both parties arrived to campaign. As environmentalism was identified as a major issue in the state, the candidates curried favor by deciding to ride from town to town in the same bus.

All went well until sunset, when the bright sun on the horizon blinded the bus driver at a critical curve on a rural road. The driver missed the curve and the bus overturned. A farmer saw it happen and drove over in his tractor to help.

Two hours later, the farmer was back at his farmhouse and called the sheriff to report the accident. "What took you TWO HOURS to call?" demanded the sheriff.

"I had to bury them all," the farmer said.

"What?" the panicked sheriff screamed. "They were all dead? Every single candidate for president?"

"Well," the farmer drawled, "they were politicians, after all."

"What do you mean?" the sheriff asked.

"Well, some of 'em said they weren't dead, but I din't believe 'em."

Received in an email dated January 7, 2016. Thanks, Bud.

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