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Photo of the Week

Photo of the week.

Wikipedia: On the first ballot at the 1860 Republican Convention, Abraham Lincoln placed second with 102 votes compared to William H. Seward's 173.5 votes (but 173.5 votes did not constitute a majority). On the second ballot, Seward received 184.5 votes, while Lincoln climbed to 181. On the third ballot, Seward slipped to 180, and Lincoln advanced to 231.5, winning the nomination. Come-from-behind victories of this sort are what sometimes happen at national conventions.

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Remember 9/11

America: Land of the free because of the brave.

Results from the 2012 presidential election have convinced me that a majority of American voters has decided, knowingly or otherwise, to let our beautiful country slip silently into socialism. This grieves me more than I can express. To see the government centralize power at the expense of individual freedom, to see it attack the wealthy and successful, to see it disrespect the U.S. Constitution, to see it fundamentally transform America before my very eyes make my heart break.

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Benghazi linksBenghazi

Global-warming deception and the Leftist environmental movementGlobal-Warming Deception and the Leftist Environmental Movement

. Dot "How Fracking Has Reduced Greenhouse Gases." It's driving environmentalists mad. (That's a good thing.)
. Dot "Revealed! Feds' Demands to Manipulate Global-Warming Data." You can not trust what the government tells you.
. Dot "Giant Solar Plant on Verge of $1.6 Billion Boondoggle." Even government decree can't make something unprofitable profitable.

Government run amuckGovernment Run Amuck

. Dot "IRS Chief: Agency Encourages Illegal Immigrant Theft of SSNs to File Tax Returns." What?
. Dot "Cutting Zombie Earmarks Easy Way for Congress to Save Billions." But you know Congress won't do it.
. Dot "Lawmaker Accuses EPA of Funding Anti-Farmer Campaign." The EPA is a disgrace.
. Dot "U.S. Cities 'Secretly Selected' for Importing Muslims." And what good will come of this? My guess: zero. Worse, it will cause a lot of damage.
. Dot "Report: Children Crossing US Border Illegally up 1,200 Percent Between 2011 and 2014."

Hillary linksHillary

. Dot "Judge Napolitano: FBI Has 'Overwhelming' Evidence Against Clinton, Enough to Indict and Convict."
. Dot "Firms That Paid for Clinton Speeches Have US Gov't Interests." Obviously! The firms bought and paid for something.

Just-for-fun linksJust-for-Fun

. Dot "How Does He Do That?"
. Dot "I'm Crushed."
. Dot "Rare World War II Photographs."

Must-read (or Watch) linksMust-Read (or Must-View or Must-Listen)

. Dot "If Christians Can’t 'Discriminate,' Neither Can Bruce Springsteen." Very thought provoking.
. Dot "Campaign Lies." Bad things happen when people don't think.
. Dot "Wrongly Crying Foul for Political Gain."
. Dot "Defending the Individual."
. Dot "Environmentalism Part I: The EPA, Silent Spring and DDT."
. Dot "Devious Plot to Take Down U.S. by Erasing History." The Left is good at this.
. Dot "Your Daughter Must Pee Next to a Man, and You Will Be Compelled to Agree." I agree.
. Dot "Target, Trump, and NBA are Wrong about Men in Women's Restrooms . . . Here's Why . . ."
. Dot "A Mixed-Up Society Conjures up 'M-X'." More proof the world has gone crazy.
. Dot "UPDATE: Massive Amounts of WMDs Have Been Found in Iraq." You mean the Democrats actually lied about this? (Yup!)

Obama linksObama

. Dot "The Enormous Fraud of the Iran Deal Is Catching Up with Obama."
. Dot "Joe Scarborough: Obama 'Rigged' Clinton Email Probe."
. Dot "Obama Effectively Pardons Hillary." I think Hillary has decided to praise Obama to the hilt (remember, she used to criticize him) in exchange for his signaling to Loretta Lynch that he doesn't want Hillary prosecuted.
. Dot "Obama Scheme Aims to Wipe out 1 Entire Industry." Mr. Obama is not a friend of the U.S.

Other linksOther

. Dot "History Professor Asked Class to Imagine a 'Good World' as a 'World Without Whiteness'." Black racists are not being timid.
. Dot "It's a Crazy, Crazy World out There." And there's less and less freedom.
. Dot "Big Companies Siding with Pro-LGBT Agenda and Against American Families." This makes me mad!
. Dot "Sotomayor: Court Needs Greater Diversity, in Several Ways." The purpose of the court is not diversity! Its purpose is to determine whether an action or policy is consistent with the U.S. Constitution. No diversity is necessary in that determination.
. Dot "Appropriate This!" (I think you'll enjoy this video.)
. Dot "The Re-Education Camps We Call Universities."
. Dot "'We Are Working Hard to Eradicate the Disease': Why Group of Iowa State Students Are Advising White Peers to 'Head to the Doctor'." These poor kids have been so brainwashed, they don't know up from down.
. Dot "Girls Choose Suicide Bombing over Life Under Boko Haram."
. Dot "Sanders Says Verizon 'in a Given Year Has Not Paid a Nickel in Taxes' -- So CEO Releases Inconvenient Numbers in Scathing Response." But, that's what liberals and socialists do: they lie.
. Dot "What if All Blacks Suddenly Left America." (This article has been removed from other websites; it may not be posted here for long.)
. Dot "Cruz Thwarts Hostile Takeover of the GOP."
. Dot "SCARY: Find Out if ISIS Is in Your State."
. Dot "House Memo Claims Eric Holder 'Intensely Followed and Managed' Fast and Furious Obstruction." Who is surprised?
. Dot "Daddy-Daughter Dances Latest Tradition That Must Fall to LGBT Demands." The traditional family is being crushed. When the family is weakened, so is the entire society.
. Dot "Education Expert Rips Middle-School 'Privilege' Quiz."
. Dot "'Chop the Head Off': Push Begins to Impeach Trump." Wow! I didn't see that coming.
. Dot "Donald Trump and the Southern Poverty Law Center."
. Dot "DNA Deniers Say Whites Are Born Racists."
. Dot "Nothing to Worry about from Middle-Eastern Refugees? Think Again."
. Dot "Political Correctness and the Wussification of the Military."
. Dot "Governor Enables 200,000 Felons to Vote in November." And the vast majority will vote Democrat, and of course that's the point.
. Dot "EMP Alert: 2 N. Korean Satellites Now Orbit over U.S."
. Dot "Defunding the Marxist Madrassas."

Religious linksReligion

. Dot "Shock Poll: 23% of British Muslims Want Sharia Rules in UK." And that would be a shock to whom? Oil and water don't mix, no matter how much you want them to. Or even how politically correct it would be.
. Dot "#IslamBloodyIslam Should This Billboard Be Removed?"
. Dot "Islamic State Threat Growing in Europe." And in the U.S. as well, I suspect.
. Dot "Magna Carta 'Undermined' by Shariah." When will people begin to understand that Islam advocates the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution; thus, is must be prohibited here in America!
. Dot "Duh! Moment: Islam Incompatible with Utopian Diversity Fantasies."
. Dot "White Privilege Activist at White Privilege Conference: Everything Bad Comes from Christianity."
. Dot "Corporations Choose LGBT Rights over Religious Freedoms." Sad day.
. Dot "ISIS Harvesting Organs from Shocking New Source."
. Dot "Disturbing Reality: Muslim 'Sex-Grooming Gangs'."

I think these articles are of particular importance.
(I'll leave them posted here indefinitely.)

Special linksSpecial

. Dot " Rockefeller's Treachery."
. Dot " Hillary Clinton Exposed." -- Citizens United movie. Not new information, but this old information is damning enough without all the scandals of the last few years.
. Dot " The Clintons' Greatest Shame: Chelsea Clinton Is the Biological Daughter of Webb Hubbell and Not Bill Clinton." Imagine the effect this must have on Chelsea, poor kid.
. Dot "Gay Marriage Still Doesn't Exist, No Matter What the Supreme Court Says."
. Dot "Hillary, Was That You?
. Dot "Immigration, World Poverty, and Gumballs -- Updated 2010." I think you'll find this eye-opening.
. Dot "Our Kids Don't Need Gun Control Laws, They Need Fathers."
. Dot "Barack Obama Is Not Seeking 'Legacy'."
. Dot "Who Is John Galt?"
. Dot "The Most Shocking Islamic 'Refugee' Video That You Will Ever See . . . Way Worse Than . . . ." This will make you weep . . . when you realize America is just a step or two behind.
. Dot "Belgistan? Sharia Showdown Looms in Brussels."
. Dot "With Open Gates: The Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations."
. Dot "Hillary's Camp Freaking Out as This Video Goes Viral." Perhaps this video will give you a new, more fact-based perspective on Bill and Hillary and their kind.


Miscellaneous Image

This week's Miscellaneous Item Obama says the economy is great. What charts is he looking at?

Received in an email dated March 18, 2016. Thanks, Jim.

Perhaps of interest

Perhaps of Interest

The Word "Muslim"
The word "Muslim" in Arabic has two parts: the "Mu" prefix and the triliteral root that forms the word "Islam." That root word, "Islam," is a verbal noun that means "submission." When an "Mu" prefix is attached to such a root in Arabic, the resulting noun means "a person who does the thing that root word denotes."

Therefore, with "Islam" being a verbal noun meaning submission, "Muslim" therefore means "one who submits." Submits to what? To Allah's will, which is shariah. Islamic Law. Thus, anyone who presents as a Muslim is by definition shariah-adherent, because that's what the word itself actually means. If someone claims to be a Muslim, or converts to Islam, or was born into Islam but does not apostatize or separate from it, then it is reasonable to conclude that such a person is shariah-compliant -- at a minimum, tacitly -- unless and until told otherwise. And the converse must also be true: one who does not submit to shariah, one who does not adhere to shariah, does not meet the linguistic definition of "Muslim."

From "To Be or Not To Be: What 'Muslim' Actually Means," by Clare M. Lopez, AIM Report, 2016 XLV-1, page 5.
(I have not verified the accuracy of this information.)

Smiley Face


On Her Birthday

That morning, I went downstairs for breakfast hoping my husband would be pleasant and say, "Happy birthday," and possibly have a small present for me. As it turned out, he barely said good morning, let alone "happy birthday."

I thought, well, that's marriage for you, but the kids, they'll remember.

My kids came bouncing down stairs to breakfast and didn't say a word.

So when I left for the office I felt pretty low and somewhat dejected.

As I walked into the office, my handsome boss, Rick, said, "Good morning, lady, and by the way, happy birthday!" It felt a little better that at least someone had remembered.

I worked until one o'clock, when Rick knocked on my door and said, "It's such a beautiful day outside, and it is your birthday, what do you say we go out to lunch, just you and me."

I said, "Thanks, Rick, that's the greatest thing I've heard all day. Let's go!"

We went to lunch. But we didn't go where we normally would go. He chose instead a quiet bistro with a private table. We had two martinis each and I enjoyed the meal tremendously.

On the way back to the office, Rick said, "It's such a beautiful day . . . we don't need to go straight back to the office, do we?"

I responded, "I guess not. What do you have in mind?"

He said, "Let's drop by my place, it's just around the corner."

After arriving at his house, Rick turned to me and said, "If you don't mind, I'm going to step into the bedroom for just a moment. I'll be right back."

"Ok," I nervously replied.

He went into the bedroom and, after a couple of minutes, he came out carrying a huge birthday cake, followed by my husband, my kids, and dozens of my friends and co-workers, all singing "Happy Birthday."

And I just sat there . . .

on the couch . . .


Received in an email dated April 5, 2016. Thanks, Jack.


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