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Photo of the Week

Photo of the week.
Hillary has a new book out. It's called "What Happened." I'll tell you what happened. She got skunked. There, now you don't need to buy the book.

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Some of my articles:

Dot A Look at Global Warming
Dot A Look at Islam
Dot Airport Security
Dot Alex in Wonderland
Dot Al Gore's Big Announcement
Dot Banned Words
Dot The Beehive
Dot The Despicables Museum
Dot Hillary, Was That You?
Dot Internet Scam
Dot Marriage and Family
Dot Of Course You're a Racist
Dot What's Marriage?
Dot Which Is It?


Education and Propaganda

. Dot "School Tells Students, Staff They Cannot Wear One NFL Team's Attire Because It's 'Offensive'." You can't find something that doesn't offend someone.
. Dot "Revolt over School's 'Outrageous' Drug and Sex Quiz."
. Dot "George Washington University to Examine 'Problematic' Building Names." Every name is problematic to someone. So now students will define the university's heritage. In other words, the university's heritage will be scrapped.
. Dot "Campus Newspaper: President Trump Is Exploiting Hurricane Visit for Profit." Hate finds many forms of expression.
. Dot "Berkeley Protesters Chalk 'Free Speech Kills,' 'F--k the Police,' and 'F--k Ben Shapiro' on Campus." Isn't that sweet. The little darlings.
. Dot "Teresa Mull: Public Schools Are Breeding Grounds for Corruption and Violence." To be sure!
. Dot "What You Can't Say Anymore: 'ISIS Is Bad'." Squelching free speech. More and more universities are doing it.
. Dot "For the Sake of 'Equity,' School Abandons Tradition of Honoring Top Performing Graduates." Next step: give them all As.
. Dot "Whoa! Big List of Monument-Trashing Gets Bigger."
. Dot "UVA Caves to Black Student Alliance's Demands, Removes Confederate Plaques on Campus." The UVA administration is officially out of control. The students have taken over.
. Dot "Professor: F*ck ANYONE Who Voted for Donald Trump." What do you suppose is this professor telling his students?
. Dot "'F%*# Free Speech': College Professor Uses Free Speech to Bash Free Speech." What kind of people have crawled their way into professorships on college campuses?
. Dot "UNC to Host 10-Week Training Session on 'Toxic Masculinity'." In other words, men are bad.
. Dot "Study Exposes College Students Don't Understand the First Amendment." If colleges wanted students to understand the First Amendment, they would be teaching the First Amendment. Colleges are much more interested in teaching ideas that break down the American society.
. Dot "Watch: 8-Year-Old Football Players Take Knee During National Anthem." Teaching hate of the U.S. starts early. This article really angers me!
. Dot "5th-Grade Teacher: 'My Prefix Is Mx. (Pronounced Mix)'." This is sheer madness.
. Dot "Ohio State Workshop: Only White People Can Be Racist." Utter idiocy. OSU should be ashamed of itself.
. Dot "Erasing History? CSU Students Want to Change Mascot Dubbed an 'Icon of Genocide'." All these years -- dozens and dozens and dozens -- this symbol and so many others weren't offensive. Now, all of a sudden, they are. Sounds to me like students are just finding an excuse to protest.

Global-Warming Deception and the Leftist Environmental Movement

. Dot "Professor promotes 'EcoSexuality': Getting 'Very Dirty' with Plants, Rocks, and Water."
. Dot "Opinion: Before Closing the Waukegan Coal Plant, Lawmakers Should Consider California's Failures." But logic and common sense are always ignored by the Greens.
. Dot "Climate Change Not So Threatening." Anyone making bold predictions of 50 to 100 years in the future based on a computer simulation should be laughed at. Regardless of what is predicted.
. Dot "San Francisco Sues Exxon Over 'Warming,' But There's 1 Huge Problem."
. Dot "Environmentalists Know How Many Kids You Have -- Too Many."
. Dot "Hooray for Carbon Dioxide! It's Helping to Feed the World's Hungry." Environmentalists will not admit this fact.

Government Run Amuck

. Dot "Starving Artists? Feds Sending Millions to Billionaires."
. Dot "U.S. City Makes 'Outrageous' Decision to Let Illegals Vote." It's a great way to increase the vote for Democrats. The Founders would be dismayed.
. Dot "Court 'Licenses' Illegals to Commit Identity Theft."
. Dot "Mike Huckabee: What Happened to Manafort Could Happen to You."
. Dot "Newt Gingrich: Surveillance under Obama 'Most Egregious Abuse' of Criminal Justice."


. Dot "9/11 Boatlift." Touching video.
. Dot "Technology Has Hijacked Family Dinnertime."
. Dot "WW II Fighter Pilot Shot Down Behind Enemy Lines."
. Dot "Friends Furever."

Must-Read (or Must-View or Must-Listen)

. Dot "A Word to the Wise."
. Dot "Single-Payer Health Care Is Only Good for Government, Not the People It Serves." One of the most worrisome factors about today's youth is too many do not see the danger in socialism. That does not bode well for this country's future.
. Dot "Matt Walsh: I'm Not 'Forcing My morality on You' -- You're Forcing Your Immorality on Me."
. Dot "Chilling! Left on Brink of Socialist Victory in U.S." I believe it.


. Dot "New York Post Ad Exposes Obama's 'Real Father'."
. Dot "Physics Professor: Science Can't Be Trusted Because It's 'Conducted Primarily by White Men'." That would be a racist physics professor. Worse, I think she has no idea how racist she is.
. Dot "Classic Communist Tactic: Forget or Rewrite History." From the article: "Muslim pirates had enslaved an estimated 180 million Africans and over a million Europeans. Virtually every African slave brought to America had been purchased from Muslim slave markets." (Emphasis added.)
. Dot "Pumpkin Spice Lattes Fund 'White Supremacy' in Trump White House, According to Feminist Group." I wonder if the feminists in this group realize how utterly stupid they sound.
. Dot "Say Goodbye to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson!" Destroy a country's heritage and you've destroyed the country. And of course, that's the objective.
. Dot "This Is What's Really Happening in Some Chapters of Black Lives Matter."
. Dot "GOP Congress Kills Legislation Banning Taxpayer Funding of Hamas." Outrageous!
. Dot "Can You Answer This Basic Civics Question That Stumps Most Americans?"
. Dot "Subversives Subvert -- Not Even Miss America Is Sacred."
. Dot "106-Year-Old Francis Scott Key Statue Vandalized: 'Racist Anthem'." That none of this sort of thing happened when Obama was in the White House tells you a lot. The people doing this aren't vandals, they're anarchists.
. Dot "Leftism Is Not Liberalism."
. Dot "Amazon Caught Juicing Ratings for Hillary Clinton's New Book." Truth and honesty are now strangers to much of America.
. Dot "Details Released: Obama Vacation Tab Surges Past $105M." Is this a surprise?
. Dot "This Is How Much Jail Time Anthony Weiner Faces for Sexting a Minor." Relax, he's a Democrat. The sentencing will be lenient.
. Dot "Amazon Deleted Almost All of the Negative Reviews of Clinton's New Book -- Here's Why." Ah, fake reviews.
. Dot "This Tiny Country Feeds the World."
. Dot "Americans 'Ignorant' of Constitution 'Wanting to Turn to Violence'." The education industry could have taught about the Constitution all these years. Why do you suppose the industry decided it wouldn't? (I think I know why. And you may, too.)
. Dot "'You'll Be Looking over Your Shoulder for the Rest of Your Life'."
. Dot "Democrats Caught Inciting Anti-Police Riots in St. Louis." Whom does this surprise?
. Dot "Latest Sick Obsession at Art Museums, Galleries." Debase the culture, subvert morality. Very popular now. And where does all this lead?
. Dot "Christian Dairy Queen Sends Liberals Running for Their Safe Space with Brilliant Sign on Door." 'Tis a sad commentary that such a sign makes news.
. Dot "Study: Mainstream Polls Used Nearly One-Third More Democrats Than Republicans." Fake statistics. The polls don't report on opinion, they try to manipulate it.
. Dot "Media Spread Fake News that Russia 'Hacked' 'Election Results' -- but Here's the Truth."


. Dot "Reports: China Banning Children from Church."
. Dot "Church & State -- Is There Really a Separation?"
. Dot "Matt Walsh: Dear Churches, You're Killing Yourselves and This Is How."
. Dot "While Christianity Dies in Germany, Islam Springs up in Its Place." And it's not just Germany. Islam is winning.
. Dot "White Christians Now a Minority among US Population, Study Finds."
. Dot "What You Can't Say Anymore: In US Gov't." This is not good news! General H.R. McMaster should be removed. Immediately.
. Dot "Police Reveal What Muslim Man Said after Beheading Co-Worker in Oklahoma."
. Dot "Beware the Women of ISIS Part I: Dreamers."
. Dot "The Making of Monsters."

The President

. Dot "Study: Summer Trump Coverage 91% Negative." Only 91 percent?
. Dot "Liberals' Newest Attack on Trump for Letting 11-Year-Old Kid Mow WH Grass Is Mind-Boggling." There is nothing President Trump can do that will not be criticized.


I think these articles are of particular importance.
(I'll leave them posted here indefinitely.)


. Dot "Rockefeller's Treachery."
. Dot "The Clintons' Greatest Shame: Chelsea Clinton Is the Biological Daughter of Webb Hubbell and Not Bill Clinton." Imagine the effect this must have on Chelsea, poor kid.
. Dot "Gay Marriage Still Doesn't Exist, No Matter What the Supreme Court Says."
. Dot "Immigration, World Poverty, and Gumballs -- Updated 2010." I think you'll find this eye-opening.
. Dot "Our Kids Don't Need Gun Control Laws, They Need Fathers."
. Dot "Barack Obama Is Not Seeking 'Legacy'."
. Dot "Who Is John Galt?"
. Dot "The Most Shocking Islamic 'Refugee' Video That You Will Ever See . . . Way Worse Than . . . ." This will make you weep . . . when you realize America is just a step or two behind.
. Dot "Belgistan? Sharia Showdown Looms in Brussels."
. Dot "With Open Gates: The Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations."
. Dot "Hillary's Camp Freaking Out as This Video Goes Viral." Perhaps this video will give you a new, more fact-based perspective on Bill and Hillary and their kind.
. Dot "The Third American Revolution." This is outstanding! It sums up so well what's going on.
. Dot "101 Peculiarities Surrounding the Death of Vincent Foster." There's a whole lot of corruption in government. Do you believe in truth and justice? The government doesn't.
. Dot "Uh, Hillary, Your Hubby Caused the 2008 Recession." Few people understand this. Many should.
. Dot "The Root Cause of America's New Civil War."
. Dot "Liberty Is Not for Wimps."
. Dot "What's Wrong with Socialism?"
. Dot "John Guandolo Discusses the Muslim Brotherhood's Network in America, Attacks the Media."
. Dot "A Look at Global Warming."
. Dot "The Inside Story on James B. Comey."
. Dot A Look at Islam
. Dot "Why the Russians Conceived the Global Warming Scam."
. Dot "The Rice Video -- Carbon Dioxide in perspective by The Galileo Movement." This one little video shows the whole global warming scare for what it really is: a gigantic hoax.
. Dot "14 Lessons for Stupid People." They should be easy to learn. I guess they aren't.
. Dot "If You Hate Poverty, You Should Love Capitalism."
. Dot "The American Form of Government."
. Dot "A Word to the Wise."
. Dot "Chilling! Left on Brink of Socialist Victory in U.S." I believe it.


Miscellaneous Image

This week's Miscellaneous Item

Received in an email dated September 13, 2017. Thanks, Will.

Perhaps of interest

Perhaps of Interest

by Edward C. Smith, August 21, 1999

Let me begin on a personal note. I am a 56-year-old, third-generation, African American Washingtonian who is a graduate of the D.C. public schools and who happens also to be a great admirer of Robert E. Lee's.

Today, Lee, who surrendered his troops to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House 134 years ago, is under attack by people -- black and white -- who have incorrectly characterized him as a traitorous, slaveholding racist. He was recently besieged in Richmond by those opposed to having his portrait displayed prominently in a new park.

My first visit to Lee's former home, now Arlington National Cemetery, came when I was 12 years old, and it had a profound and lasting effect on me. Since then I have visited the cemetery hundreds of times searching for grave sites and conducting study tours for the Smithsonian Institution and various other groups interested in learning more about Lee and his family as well as many others buried at Arlington.

Lee's life story is in some ways the story of early America. He was born in 1807 to a loving mother, whom he adored. His relationship with his father, Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee, (who was George Washington's chief of staff during the Revolutionary War) was strained at best. Thus, as he matured in years, Lee adopted Washington (who had died in 1799) as a father figure and patterned his life after him. Two of Lee's ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence, and his wife, Mary Custis, was George Washington's foster great-granddaughter.

Lee was a top-of-the-class graduate of West Point, a Mexican War hero and superintendent of West Point. I can think of no family for which the Union meant as much as it did for his.

But it is important to remember that the 13 colonies that became 13 states reserved for themselves a tremendous amount of political autonomy. In pre-Civil War America, most citizens' first loyalty went to their state and the local community in which they lived. Referring to the United States of America in the singular is a purely post-Civil War phenomenon.

All this should help explain why Lee declined command of the Union forces -- by Abraham Lincoln -- after the firing on Fort Sumter. After much agonizing, he resigned his commission in the Union army and became a Confederate commander, fighting in defense of Virginia, which at the outbreak of the war possessed the largest population of free blacks (more than 60,000) of any Southern state.

Lee never owned a single slave, because he felt that slavery was morally reprehensible. He even opposed secession. (His slaveholding was confined to the period when he managed the estate of his late father-in-law, who had willed eventual freedom for all of his slaves.)

Regarding the institution, it's useful to remember that slavery was not abolished in the nation's capital until April 1862, when the country was in the second year of the war. The final draft of the Emancipation Proclamation was not written until September 1862, to take effect the following Jan. 1, and it was intended to apply only to those slave states that had left the Union.

Lincoln's preeminent ally, Frederick Douglass, was deeply disturbed by these limitations but determined that it was necessary to suppress his disappointment and "take what we can get now and go for the rest later." The "rest" came after the war.

Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the few civil rights leaders who clearly understood that the era of the 1960s was a distant echo of the 1860s, and thus he read deeply into Civil War literature. He came to admire and respect Lee, and to this day, no member of his family, former associate or fellow activist that I know of has protested the fact that in Virginia Dr King's birthday -- a federal holiday -- is officially celebrated as "Robert E. Lee-Stonewall Jackson-Martin Luther King Day."

Lee is memorialized with a statue in the U.S. Capitol and in stained glass in the Washington Cathedral.

It is indeed ironic that he has long been embraced by the city he fought against and yet has now encountered some degree of rejection in the city he fought for.

In any event, his most fitting memorial is in Lexington, Va.: a living institution where he spent his final five years. There the much-esteemed general metamorphosed into a teacher, becoming the president of small, debt-ridden Washington College, which now stands as the well-endowed Washington and Lee University.

It was in Lexington that he made a most poignant remark a few months before his death. "Before and during the War Between the States I was a Virginian," he said. "After the war I became an American."

I have been teaching college students for 30 years, and learned early in my career that the twin maladies of ignorance and misinformation are not incurable diseases. The antidote for them is simply to make a lifelong commitment to reading widely and deeply. I recommend it for anyone who would make judgment on figures from the past, including Robert E Lee.

[Dr. Smith is co-director of the Civil War Institute at American University in Washington, D.C.]

(I haven't verified this information.)
Received in an email dated September 4, 2017. Thanks, Jim.

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Such a Dilemma, What Would You Do?

You are driving your new red car down the road on a dark and stormy night, when you pass by a bus stop and you see three people waiting for the bus:
An old lady who looks as if she is about to die.
An old friend who once saved your life.
The perfect partner you have been dreaming about.
Which one would you choose to offer a ride to, knowing that there could only be one passenger in your car?

This is a moral/ethical dilemma that was once actually used as part of a job application. You could pick up the old lady, because she is going to die, and thus you should save her first. Or you could take the old friend because he once saved your life, and this would be the perfect chance to pay him back. However, you may never be able to find your perfect mate again.

The candidate who was hired (out of 200 applicants) had no trouble coming up with his answer. He simply said: "I would give the car keys to my old friend and let him take the lady to the hospital. I would stay behind and wait for the bus with the partner of my dreams."

Received in an email dated September 9, 2017. Thanks, Jack.


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