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Photo of the Week

Photo of the week.

Steamboats on the Mississippi River in 1907.
(Photo received in an email dated 10-28-13. Thanks, Bill.

Remember 9/11

America: Land of the free because of the brave.

Results from the 2012 presidential election have convinced me that a majority of American voters has decided, knowingly or otherwise, to let our beautiful country slip silently into socialism. This grieves me more than I can express. To see the government centralize power at the expense of individual freedom, to see it attack the wealthy and successful, to see it disrespect the U.S. Constitution, to see it fundamentally transform America before my very eyes make my heart break.


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Say What?
Say What?

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Benghazi links Benghazi
. Dot "Showdown with Hillary Clinton over Benghazi."
. Dot "Ex-CIA Director Flips Out on Benghazi."

Global warming and cooling and the environment linksGlobal Warming, Global Cooling, and the Environment
. Dot "Silencing Skeptics, Conservatives and Free Speech."
. Dot "25 Years of Predicting the Global Warming 'Tipping Point'."
. Dot "Australia Alerted to Real Reasons Behind Climate Scare."
. Dot "Global Temperatures Plateau Now 18 Years and 5 Months." But who's interested in facts? Certainly none of the global-warming fear mongers.
. Dot "NOAA Caught Rewriting US Temperature History (Again)."
. Dot "Antarctic Sea Ice Expands to New Record in April."
. Dot "Some Guardian Myths about Climate Change."

Government run amuk links Government Run Amuk
. Dot "State Threatening Anti-Common Core Parents with Jail?"
. Dot "Homeschoolers Interrogated on Guns, Vaccines." I expect this sort of thing will become more and more frequent.
. Dot "Congress Giving Obama 'Blank Check' for Gun Control." Disgraceful!
. Dot "Homeschool Parents Who Faced Battering Ram Back in Court." When will this kind of out-of-control government action happen here?
. Dot "State seizes kids from family living 'off grid'." Oh, it's already happening!!
. Dot "No Justice for Man Arrested for Being Sick."
. Dot "DHS Caught Busing in Illegal Somalis from Mexican Border."
. Dot "GOP-led House Clears Way for Illegals in Military."
. Dot "Hawaii, Greece and the Obamacare Train Wreck."

Just-for-fun linksJust-for-Fun
. Dot "Who Made This Mess?"
. Dot "You Think You Can Ride This Bike, But You Really Can't."
. Dot "'Saturday Night Live': Draw the Prophet Muhammad."
. Dot "Can You Guess the 'Best' and 'Worst' U.S. Cities to Start a Career? New Map Shows One State Is Home to Several of the Most Promising."
. Dot "Crossing a River when the Bridge Is Out."
. Dot "Won't Let You Down." Really, quite remarkable.
. Dot "Paul Harvey: 'Policeman'."
. Dot "An Incident."
. Dot "How the Tesla Model S Is Made."

Must-read (or Watch) linksMust-Read (or Must-View or Must-Listen)
. Dot "Liberal Media Work with Jihadists."
. Dot "Baltimore and Obama's Masterful Manipulation."
. Dot "Obama's 'National Civilian Security Force' Endorsed."
. Dot "Obama and Mayors Planning Not Only to Reform But to Totally Replace America's Police Forces."
. Dot "There Is No More Doubt: I Have the Proof That Ties Obama and the Democratic Party to the IRS Scandal."
. Dot "Phyllis Schlafly: 'It Is Do-or-Die for America."
. Dot "Congress Prepares to Outsource Itself."
. Dot "How to Bring Down a Republic."
. Dot "The War on Functional Families." Very important.
. Dot "Report: Obama Lied about Bin Laden Raid."
. Dot "Fast Track? How about a Pro-America Track?"
. Dot "Obama Lets Illegal-Alien Criminals Run Free."
. Dot "Uncovered: Wikipedia's Leftist Ties and Its Censorship of the Facts."
. Dot "'Treasonous' Educators 'Dumbing Down' U.S. Kids."

Obama linksObama
. Dot "'Freedom to Worship' -- Obama's Next Bait & Switch."
. Dot "Dreams from Obama's Different Fathers."
. Dot "Obama to Schools: Gender-Bend or Lose Funding." The federal government once again sticks its nose into strictly state and local matters.
. Dot "Obama Problem with Ex-'Gays'."
. Dot "Prison Next Step for American Christians?"

Other linksOther
. Dot "Say NO to Hillary Clinton in 2016!"
. Dot "Justice Kennedy Learns a New Word."
. Dot "Beware Baltimore's 'No Justice, No Peace' Prosecutor."
. Dot "Top 10 Clinton Conflicts of Interest."
. Dot "Love Your Kids? Get Them Out of Public Schools."
. Dot "Hundreds of Muslim Refugees Headed to Idaho."
. Dot "Education Advocates React to Newly Released NAEP Scores."
. Dot "John Kasich's Common Core Lie."
. Dot "Dobson: 'Fall of Western Civilization' at Hand."
. Dot "Retail Apocalypse: Major Chains Closing 6,000 Stores."
. Dot "Parents Reading to Kids Blasted as 'Unfair'."
. Dot "Republican Areas Designated 'Hostile' for Military Training."
. Dot "Here's Where in the Country You're Most Likely to Become a Victim of Violent Crime."
. Dot "Cyber Attacks Pose Biggest Unrecognized Threat to Economy."
. Dot "Economic Disinformation Keeps Financial Markets Up."
. Dot "Obamacare Goof Could Bring Medical System Down."
. Dot "Islamic State -- Why Beheadings?" WARNING! Very disturbing images.
. Dot "The Clinton Crime Family."
. Dot "If What a Legendary Journalist Is Claiming about the Bin Laden Raid Is True, It's Quite Shocking." If Obama didn't lie so much, this story would be harder to believe.
. Dot "The American Dream."
. Dot "Texas Police Change Major Detail in Story of How Muhammad Cartoon Contest Gunmen Were Killed." So, what can we believe nowadays? Facts seem to be fungible.
. Dot "Clinton Foundation Made Shifty Split when Hillary Joined Obama."
. Dot "Analyst's Probe Implicates Hillary in Foundation Fraud."
. Dot "The Clintons' 'Get Rich Quick' Schemes."
. Dot "Dutch Doctors Withholding and Withdrawing Treatment from the Elderly."
. Dot "Schools Now Tasked with Creating 'Green' Citizens."

Religion linksReligion
. Dot "Muslim Parents Accused of Facilitating Daughter's Rape."
. Dot "Here's What the Media Missed with That ISIS Video."
. Dot "Is This Obama's Declaration of War on Christian Schools?"
. Dot "Christian Girl Given Zeroes for Her Beliefs."
. Dot "The Hill of Crosses."
. Dot "The New Catholic Scandal: Pope Francis Courts Raul Castro and Forgets What Communism and Atheism Have Done to the World."
. Dot "The Catholic Church Has Gone Socialist."
. Dot "You're on the Front Line of the Islamic War."
. Dot "Top Iranian Says They Have Divine Right to Destroy Israel."
. Dot "Schlafly: 'Gay Marriage' Advocates Want to 'Wipe Out' Christianity." I believe this is absolutely true.

Person with Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

"[John] McCain should pay a heavy price for unleashing this ignorant, two-wheeled bilewagon [Sara Palinn] on the country's politics. If you think she's a legitimate political leader, you're an idiot and a sucker and I feel sorry for you. [. . .] She is the living representation of the infantilization of American politics, a poisonous Grimm Sister telling toxic fairy tales to audiences drunk on fear, and hate, and nonsense. [. . .] It was the address of a malignant child delivered to an audience of malignant children. If you applauded, you're an idiot and I feel sorry for you."
-- Charles Pierce, writer-at-large for Esquire magazine.

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Miscellaneous Photo

This week's Miscellaneous Item. . . .

Received in an email dated May 9, 2015. Thanks, Bruce.

Did You Know

Did You Know?

Mayor Who Refuses to Remove Pork from School Canteen Menu Explains Why

Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork in all the school canteens of a Montreal suburb. The mayor of the Montreal suburb of Dorval has refused, and the town clerk sent a note to all parents to explain why. This is the note:

"Muslims must understand that they have to adapt to Canada and Quebec, its customs, its traditions, its way of life, because that's where they chose to immigrate.

"They must understand that they have to integrate and learn to live in Quebec.

"They must understand that it is for them to change their lifestyle, not the Canadians who so generously welcomed them.

"They must understand that Canadians are neither racist nor xenophobic, they accepted many immigrants before Muslims (whereas the reverse is not true, in that Muslim states do not accept non-Muslim immigrants).

"That no more than other nations, Canadians are not willing to give up their identity, their culture.

"And if Canada is a land of welcome, it's not the Mayor of Dorval who welcomes foreigners, but the Canadian-Quebecois people as a whole.

"Finally, they must understand that in Canada (Quebec) with its Judeo-Christian roots, Christmas trees, churches and religious festivals, religion must remain in the private domain."

"For Muslims who disagree with secularism and do not feel comfortable in Canada, there are 57 beautiful Muslim countries in the world, most of them under-populated and ready to receive them with open halal arms in accordance with Shariah.

"If you left your country for Canada, and not for other Muslim countries, it is because you have considered that life is better in Canada than elsewhere.

"Ask yourself the question, just once, 'Why is it better here in Canada than where you come from?' A canteen with pork is part of the answer."

Muslims always have the option to move back to their hut or cave. There are plenty of volunteers available to help pack for your trip "Home."

NOTE: I have not verified the accuracy of this information.

Received in an email dated 5-13-15. Thanks, Bruce.

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Hillary Clinton goes to a primary school in upstate New York to talk about the world. After her talk she offers question time. One little boy puts up his hand. Hillary asks him what his name is. "Kenneth."

"And what is your question, Kenneth?"

"I have three questions: First, whatever happened in Benghazi? Second, why would you run for President after your husband shamed the office? And, third, whatever happened to all those things you took when you left the White House?"

Just then the bell rings for recess. Hillary Clinton informs the kiddies that they will continue after recess. When they resume Hillary says, "Okay where were we? Oh, that's right, question time. Who has a question?"

A different little boy puts his hand up; Hillary points him out and asks him what his name is. "Larry."

"And what is your question, Larry?"

"I have five questions: First, whatever happened in Benghazi? Second, why would you run for President after your husband shamed the office? Third, whatever happened to all those things you took when you left the White House? Fourth, why did the recess bell go off 20 minutes early? And fifth, what happened to Kenneth?"

Received in an email dated 5-1-15. Thanks, Jim.

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