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Photo of the Week

Photo of the week.

This 1908 Thanksgiving postcard was offered for sale on Ebay for $9.99. Happy Thanksgiving!
Didn't they know back then that the flag shouldn't touch the ground?
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Remember 9/11

America: Land of the free because of the brave.

Results from the 2012 presidential election have convinced me that a majority of American voters has decided, knowingly or otherwise, to let our beautiful country slip silently into socialism. This grieves me more than I can express. To see the government centralize power at the expense of individual freedom, to see it attack the wealthy and successful, to see it disrespect the U.S. Constitution, to see it fundamentally transform America before my very eyes make my heart break.


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Benghazi links Benghazi
. Dot "Attkisson: CBS Kept Obama Benghazi Clip Secret to Help Re-Election."

Global warming and cooling and the environment links Global Warming, Global Cooling, and the Environment
. Dot "White House Keeping These Global Warming Documents Out of the Sunlight."
. Dot "'Hello Everybody! There Is No Global Warming!': Weather Channel Founder Goes Off on Climate Change."
. Dot "The Audacity of Climate Cynicism."

Government run amuk links Government Run Amuk
. Dot "Obama Administration Wants High Schools to Teach Government Lesson Plans on How to Eat."
. Dot "Government to Ordained Ministers: Celebrate Same-Sex Wedding or Go to Jail."
. Dot "The IRS Closed This Grandmother's Bank Account and Seized Nearly $33,000 From Her -- but Wait Until You Hear Her 'Crime'." Also: "Law Lets IRS. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required."
. Dot "Pentagon: DOD Personnel to Handle Ebola Bodies."
. Dot "Proposed Water Rule Could Put 'Property Rights of Every American Entirely at the Mercy' of EPA."
. Dot "New Iranian Law Proposes 74 Lashes for Dog Owners."

Just-for-fun links Just-for-Fun
. Dot "Loading Your Motorbike in Style onto a Truck ."
. Dot "Creative Movers in Taiwan ."
. Dot "Loading a Motorcycle Like a Boss ."
. Dot "The Dancing Traffic Light."
. Dot "Incredible Wildlife Footage Shows Lioness Hunt Prey With GoPro Camera Mounted to Its Body."
. Dot "Which World Record Is Your State Known for? Cool Map Has the Answer."
. Dot "Stop What You Are Doing Right Now and Watch This . . . It Won't Let You Down."
. Dot "When You See His Gravity-Defying Completed Artwork, You'll Likely Just Stare in Astonishment." (I'm doubtful about these.)
. Dot "Pass the Salt."
. Dot "OK Go - Here It Goes Again."
. Dot "I Won't Let You Down."
. Dot "'Fascinating' Scientific Spectacle Occurs when Bowling Ball, Feather Are Dropped in Room with Zero Air."
. Dot "Ronald Reagan Humor."

Must-read (or Watch) links Must-Read (or Must-View or Must-Listen)
. Dot "Obamacare Architect: Yeah, We Lied to the 'Stupid' American People to Get It Passed." Every American should read this.
. Dot "Thoughts on the Coming Election." Although the election has come and gone, this is a great article and just as applicable now as it was before we voted.
. Dot "Something about the Way She Died." Perhaps of interest if you think cover-ups mean something.
. Dot "Eric Holder Resigned to Protect Obama."
. Dot "Allah in U.S. Public-School Classrooms."
. Dot "The Timelessness of Phyllis Schlafly."

Obama links Obama
. Dot "Mark Steyn Jumps into Obama Eligibility Debate."
. Dot "Taking Back America."
. Dot "Video: Obama Slams Stay-at-Home Moms."
. Dot "Obama Sued for Changing Obamacare."
. Dot "Obama Starts Democrats' War Against Women."
. Dot "BioShield: Obama Diverted Funds from Its Fight Against Ebola, Other Threats."
. Dot "Obama Orders 'Mental-Health' Testing for Schoolkids."
. Dot "President Obama to FCC: Reclassify Broadband Service as Title II to Protect Net Neutrality." Makes me mad!
. Dot "Quit Bashing Obama."
. Dot "Congressman: Obama Disarming Border Patrol."
. Dot "Why Obama's Presidency Was Doomed to Fail."
. Dot "The Real Barack Obama and the Transformation of America." I doubt all of this is true, but I suspect most of it is.

Other links Other
. Dot "Israel Has Found New Allies."
. Dot "Minimum Wages vs. Maximum Wages."
. Dot "Military Scolded: 'You Don't Protect My Freedom'." Well, you DO protect my freedom!
. Dot "Black Teacher Tells Whites to Kill Themselves."
. Dot "Court Told: Humans Could Marry Animals."
. Dot "Glenn Beck Reveals the Life-Changing 'Pivot Point' He Has Kept Hidden from Almost Everyone for Five Years."
. Dot "Businesses Fire Back Against Ban on the Word 'Gun'."
. Dot "Another 'Eradicated Disease' Invading U.S.."
. Dot "Schools Propose: Let Boys into Girls Locker Rooms."
. Dot "The Deceitful Selling of Obamacare Coming Home to Roost."
. Dot "'Ghoulish' Plan to Grab Guns When Owner Dies."
. Dot "Progressives Plot to Kill 'Human Weeds'."
. Dot "The Lies That Are Central to Obama's Agenda."

Religion links Religion
. Dot "Obama and the Definition of 'Islamic'."
. Dot "Franklin Graham: Obama Doesn't Understand Islam."
. Dot "The Criminalization of Christianity Is Here."
. Dot "Stone-Throwing Muslims Bloody Christians in Michigan."
. Dot "Christians Outraged by Orders to Teach 'Other Faiths'."
. Dot "He Bent Down to Thank God for His First-Ever High School Touchdown -- But It Cost His Team Dearly."
. Dot "Pakistan: Christian Couple Burned Alive on Blasphemy Charges."
. Dot "Muslims Told to Follow Orders on Voting by DC Muslim Caucus."
. Dot "Upset Mom Finds Herself Contacting the News After Reading the Answers on Her Son's Islam Worksheet."
. Dot "Christians: Muslims 'Conquering' Washington National Cathedral."

Video links Videos
. Dot "David Barton -- Why Common Core Is a Failure -- March 22, 2014, Orlando, Florida."
. Dot "Shocking Remarks by Obamacare Consultant."

Person with Quote of the Week Quote of the Week

"A growing body of evidence suggests that the kind of extreme cold being experienced by much of the United States as we speak is a pattern that we can expect to see with increasing frequency as global warming continues."
-- John Holdren, Obama's Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology, Policy Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, Co-Chair of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, U.S. Science Czar. [Is this guy out of his mind?]

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This week's Miscellaneous Item
An alligator farm in St. Augustine, Florida in 1926.

Received in an email dated 11-11-14. Thanks, Bill.

Smiley Face

Received in an email dated October 26, 2014. Thanks, Jack.

A husband went to police station to report his missing wife.

Husband: I've lost my wife, she went shopping yesterday and has still not come home.

Sergeant: What is her height?

Husband: Oh, 5 something . . .

Sergeant: Build?

Husband: Not slim, not really fat.

Sergeant: Color of eyes?

Husband: Never noticed.

Sergeant: Color of hair?

Husband: Changes according to season.

Sergeant: What was she wearing?

Husband: Dress/suit/blue jeans -- I don't remember exactly.

Sergeant: Did she go in a car?

Husband: Yes.

Sergeant: What kind of car was it?

Husband: 2015 Corvette Stingray 3LT with the Z51 Performance Package, shark gray metallic paint, with the 6.2 litre V8 engine with Direct Injection generating 460 HP, 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission, and GT bucket seats, and has a very thin scratch on the front left door.

At this point the husband started crying.

Sergeant: Don't worry sir. We'll find your car.

Shoes of the Week

There's No Business Like Shoe Business

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With each website update I hope to include my pick for men's "Shoe of the Week." My selection will be based on uniqueness, boldness, and my own personal taste.

This is the 50th and last Shoe of the Week. I plan to discontinue this section with the next update.

Shoe of the Week
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Dot " Just with a Smile," -- a melody and lyrics I've written and sung to "Ready," by Phil Garrod & Scot Schreer. Lyrics.
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Dot There's a Train in My Kitchen
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